Research and Retrieval is a public records research and document retrieval business specializing in providing immediate access to all county, state and federal agencies as well as providing personal access to court documents.

Law Firms/Legal Professionals Legal Assistants • Law Librarians • Paralegals Financial Institutions • Investment/Brokerage Firms Private Investigators • Insurance Agencies • Title Companies

We search for anything of public record across the United States and Canada:

  • Civil and Criminal Research
  • Bankruptcy Research
  • Document Retrieval
  • Real Property Research
  • Tax Lien & Judgment Search
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Research and Filings
  • Fictitious Business Name and Business Entity (Partnership/Corporate) Research
  • Library Research

Extensive Network

Our Nationwide network of research specialists provide personal, fast and accurate service for any inquiry.

Professional Consultation & Guidance

Since 1990, Research and Retrieval has an established experience in dealing with public agencies.

Timely & Cost Effective

A smart alternative to online searching